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“Preparing for Accreditation” 
Applying for accreditation & reaccreditation using the 10th Edition Standards - Receive a copy of the new standards 

Westin Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina
Sunday, September 25, 2016  
8:00 AM to Noon ($75.00)

This half day class will review the process, polices and Standards of CAMTS and provide excellent information for both programs seeking accreditation for the first time or for those approaching a reaccreditation. Learn about the more common areas cited as deficiencies and ask questions directly with the CAMTS Executive Director.

1. Describe the procedure and eligibility requirements to apply for CAMTS accreditation.
2. List the member organizations and structure of the CAMTS Board of Directors.
3. Describe the application materials: Demographics, Standards Compliance Tool, Attachments and Safety Culture Survey 
4. Discuss the Policies governing the accreditation process and decisions
5. Discuss the major differences and changes in the 10th Edition Accreditation Standards 
6. Describe the site visit – interviews and tours to be included.
7. Discuss the most frequently cited deficiencies in meeting compliance with the accreditation standards along with medical protocol reviews.
8. List the possible accreditation actions and decisions.

a. CAMTS overview, challenges and future direction
b. Application process and materials 
        Digital PIF – demographics and statistics 
        Standards Compliance Tool and Attachments 
        Critical Elements of medical protocols
        Safety Culture Survey 
c. Policies governing the accreditation process
d. 10th Edition Accreditation Standards - differences between 9th and 10th Editions
e. Site survey process
        Interviews and Tours 
        Opening and closing 
Pre-AMTC Workshops
"CAMTS Standards Committee"

1:00 to 2:00
No Registration or Fee Required

Each year at the Air Medical Transport Conference, the CAMTS Standards Committee meets to hear your comments and suggestions for improving the Standards. We encourage your suggestions for new standards, removal of old standards or increased clarification on standards that are hard to follow or understand.Unlike some other standard setting organization Our Standards are Your Standards, written by and for the people that know medical transport best—YOU. We want your comments. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions related to the standards please feel free to join us at this meeting. Attendance is free and no pre-registration is required. Can’t join us but you have comment? Let us know by emailing us at

"Open Forum on Streamlining the Reaccreditation Process"

2:00 to 4:00
No Registration or Fee Required

This session will focus on your suggestions for streamlining the CAMTS reaccreditation process. We encourage all site surveyors, Board members, member organizations, aviation and medical operators and accredited programs to participate in guiding us to a process that makes reaccreditation less labor intensive for programs and for CAMTS, while assuring programs are in substantial compliance with the Standards.