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LIFEMED ALASKA is an independent service headquartered in Anchorage providing rotorwing, fixed wing and ground services. Air Methods of Englewood, CO operates the AStars in Wasilla and Soldotna. AeroAir of Hillsboro, OR operates Lear 35s in Anchorage, a King Air 200 in Fairbanks and a Cessna 208 in rural Bethel. Ground services are operated by the service.

After achieving full accreditation recently, Jared Sherman, the COO, stated:

"We appreciate CAMTS continuing to push our program forward and have experienced real growth over the last 2 years. A gratifying aspect that I have personally experienced is seeing the maturity of our culture. In years past we always struggled to find time for policy review, often pushing it off till it was required. This year we established a goal of continuous policy review for our Total Quality Management Committee. We have now extended each TQM meeting per month for an additional 4 hours in order to meet that objective. A year ago I would never have imagined we would make this much progress."

"Additionally, LifeMed truly felt a since of accomplishment in January when all employees required to have the advanced certification succeeded. We saw a renewed excitement and commitment from employees that hadn't challenged themselves in many years."
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