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Accreditation Standards
Purchase 10th Edition Standards - Includes an index, glossary, quick reference, references and the education matrix.
10th Edition Standards
Free Version

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This is the most recent free version of the CAMTS standards. The free version does NOT include the Index, Glossary, Quick Reference, References, or Education Matrix. You can purchase the full edition which includes all these by clicking on the "Resources" tab.
Please read the preface in the 10th Edition Standards carefully as we have renamed the Ambulance section "Surface" meaning any service but air such as ground ambulance, boat, snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle etc. The word "ambulance" within the standards refers to any of these transport vehicles unless it specifically states ground ambulances.

Medical Escort Standards Only

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This is the most recent verson CAMTS Medical Escort Standards (only). Purchase this if your service only provides medical escort. If your service provides more options such as critical care you should purchase the full version of the Standards which includes medical escort.